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Please Welcome Our New Arrival!!

ImageSo, the waiting is over and we welcome the new arrival! When Jack got home last night I had celebratory offerings next to a headscarf on the kitchen counter. He almost lways welcomes an adult beverage in the evening. He even noticed the head scarf. I encouraged him to pick it up and when he did…

“The book? How WONDERFUL!” He was all smiles as he picks it up reverently and holds it like a father with a newborn baby; eyes wide with awe–just like mine. Oh, he gushed over it and me for at least five minutes. It was bliss! Then we left it on the counter between the two of us just gazing at it, admiring it. I felt like Geppetto, the puppet maker, when his doll finally becomes a real boy.

It’s nearly a pound, 6×9 trade paperback and 365 pages! Three dimensional pages that you turn by hand, with a real ISBN number and a cover!  I’ve heard writers say that there’s no feeling like seeing their book, all those hours of work, the polishing, the edits, the rewrites, “in the flesh” if you will.

ImageAnd now, I have joined their ranks as author, novelist. Wow. Amazing. Just amazing. When I got home today, he’d already called Barnes and Noble about a book signing! As soon as I know more about that, I will let you know too.

Okay, I just wanted to update you. I’m going back to work in the next book, working title: A Dancer’s Tale. It’s always great catching up with you.

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  1. Linda Linda

    Brilliant, congratulations on safely delivering your opus.

    • Thank you so much, Linda. I am even more glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the great review on Amazon!!

  2. WOW! This is so exciting! Your novel looks fantastic! Whooop! Please keep me posted on the Barnes and Noble signings. We would LOVE to attend and buy our copy from you in person!

    • Thanks Kara! I sure will. It sounds like it’s a real process to get into the signing making sure all of our ducks are lined up, but it’s a goal so that’s what I’m shooting for. Thank you for your support!

  3. Suess Suess

    You are AMAZING!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!

    • Thanks! You are one of my biggest fans. Thanks for your encouragement.

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