Sailing into Fall


I wanted to let you know again that I really appreciate you coming by to read. We just had a major holiday weekend and I hope yours was pleasant, the people you spent it with were wonderful and you laughed lots, danced in the sun or played in the water.COlumbus freelance writer Ocean sailing

It’s been an exciting and grueling summer here with lots of changes, a shuffling of the deck so to speak. A new addition to the family, a shifting of responsibilities, racing to finish summer classes and learning new skills. Because of that, this blog is taking a little break. I find it critical as part of self-care and evolving as a writer, to take time away to spend with family & friends, dip my toes in the sea and refresh creatively. 

I’ve covered some pretty deep things that last few weeks and the next four will be lighter fare.  If you have a minute, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Are there topics you’d like me to discuss?
  • Have a story you want to share with us?

Be brave and write!  Until then, remember to smile, keep a good thought and be a blessing to someone. I will see you soon!

Thanks for stopping by. Let me hear from you!