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Shining My Light

Blue Butterfly.jpeg Today is a big day. This is my official 100th post. I want to shout a special thank you to you, one of my awesome readers. Thank you for following me, and encouraging me by swinging by to read, offering your comments, follows and shares. It means so much to hear from you. Some of you have e-mailed messages:

“You’ve really lifted me up today.”

“Thanks, I needed that.”

“Thanks, you’ve helped me stay the course.”

“Keep writing, it’s making a difference.” You bless me. Thank you for taking precious time out of your day to read this blog, and especially to share your thoughts.

It might surprise you to know, I wasn’t always happy, upbeat and positive. Someone from my past consistently shared their positivity with me. They told me being positive was a choice, that it would change my life, and they were right. It was the difference between remaining constantly under a grey sky and stepping out from under it to find a sunny one. When that person passed from my life, it seemed important to keep paying it forward.

IMG_20180531_161846990_HDRThat one person made a big difference in my perspective; they changed my trajectory forever. They helped me see potential and opportunity where I used to see pointlessness and unworthiness. They showed me how to bounce back from traumatic circumstances, helped me understand that a rough start in life doesn’t have to define you, but can catapult you to greater things. (What doesn’t kill you truly does make you stronger.) Even though they always found something to smile about and could find good in me, that did not come naturally to me. It took time, but I learned to find joy and the good in myself.

Somedays, we have to be our own encouragers. We have to search for silver linings in the dark moments of life. But today, I desire to make a difference in at least one more life. If you’ve hung with me this far, and you’re reading this today, if you need a smile, or need to know you’re not alone, I’m pulling for you.

You might be having the worst year of your life. But you know what? You’re going to make it. If you don’t throw in the towel and quit, you are going to come through whatever it is you’re going through right now. You’re stronger than you think and tough enough to make it to the other side.

How do I know?

pexels-photo-278312.jpegMy life hasn’t been all that easy. A positive attitude – just believing I would make it–coupled with a higher power helped me envision a healthy and normal life after being raped. It helped me cope in the months and years after my mother tried to end her own life, and when I was nearly kidnapped at college a year later and subsequently dropped out. After going through another romantic break-up, and when I placed my first child up for adoption, believing it would get better pulled me through some of my darkest days.

A positive attitude helped me through heartache and relationship break-ups and even death. When one husband walked out of our marriage, and another was abusive and tried to snuff out every bit of joy I held dear. It helped me get through the grief I felt when my father–my faithful cheerleader–passed away.

Life isn’t fair, and some people deal with a lot more and a lot worse than what I went through. It didn’t make my trials any less difficult. When we come face to face with hard times, it can feel like the world has turned out the lights on hope and gone totally into the dark night. But that’s when you need to believe it will get better. The sun does eventually shine, the winter gives way to summer, the rain finally subsides. If you’re at the bottom, take heart! You can only go up from there.

What does this mean for you?

So when you find a bright star, a lighthouse, a warm spot, a friendly face, it means tommy-ferraz-124023.jpgsomething.  I’m willing to share with you all the positivity I have. If I can brighten a day, lighten a load, share some hope, tell a joke, I’m here to help. There isn’t enough positivity in the world yet. Maybe if you keep showing up here, you’ll not only become more positive, you could become a beacon of light for someone else going through a dark season.

Maybe you’re one of the quiet readers who hasn’t commented, liked or shared before, but by reading my posts, you’re still being affected. I’m okay with that. Even if you were the only person reading this, and if it helped you even once, I’d keep writing. So if you don’t normally comment, would you let me hear from you?

And from the bottom of my heart, thanks. You make this a joy. Maybe you know someone who could use a lift? Feel free to reshare my posts with others. It is my hope the next 100 posts will be even more amazing than the first.

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  1. Sue H-m Sue H-m

    You have certainly shown me that a positive attitude does prevail, and you will never know how much that has helped me. Thank you and I luv u cuz!

  2. Yes, Juli ! Congratulations 🙂 your posts are so inspiring, but even more is you as a person and a mentor to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

    • Your comment was so touching! It’s great hearing from you. Please keep in touch.

  3. I hope is OK with you but, I see you as my mentor and my heart is in part yours forever and I am not exaggerating either.

    • Thanks for you very kind and thoughtful comments and reblogging Patrizia. I’m blushing!

  4. For now, Just I LOVE you and you are my Hero! Thank you for everything you are doing for me you are a testimony that gives me courage. I truly love you.

  5. Karyl Karyl

    You’ve been my star more than once. Thank you for spending those years looking for the right creative outlet for your unique voice. Thank you for never listening to me say “but I like what you’re doing now, it’s great…it’s good enough” and pushing onward. I can take what you’ve shared here and hold it as my own, but this post feels like something I need to share on a different board, one that has a lot struggling members who are looking for a guiding star and a bit of hope. As always, thank you for being you and being my friend.

    • Please do share! There’s not enough encouragement in the world today. I am grateful for all the phases of my life, where I’ve been and who I’ve met. I’ve tried to hold onto as many people as I could because each person brought something to my life. As though each person was a single flower and I am so grateful for the fragrance of every one. And together they’ve become a stunning bouquet. It was the beauty in that arrangement of encouragers, challengers, and supporters that filled me and it seems only right to fill others to the extent that I am able, with the gift(s) I’ve been given. My greatest joy has been encouraging others to see their full potential.

    • Thank you every day for being you and for being someone I know and believe in. I always read your post but today I really needed this one. Life is hard. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the joy.

      Thank you, Brenda (sent via email)

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