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Where Will Positivity Take You?

Jon and Juli

Last fall, my mentor had suggested that I attend networking meetings. The very idea made my heart race and sweat break out on my forehead. I’m a writer, after all. Prone to long and blissful days of solitude. But to my mentor that equaled living in a vacuum. Instead of imagining all that could go wrong and talking myself out of it, I decided to follow her sage advice and plan to attend one meeting.  Even when the friend who was supposed to go with me bailed out unexpectedly.

Braving it alone turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the discovery of a new talent I didn’t know I had: Fearlessly striking up conversations with complete strangers.

Trusting in the flow of positivity can yield amazing results. People with an upbeat attitude attract more friends, more opportunities, and longer lifespans (see link at the bottom of this post.) At that first meeting, I found myself surrounded by friendly and interesting people and I connected with more than half a dozen. It was through one new acquaintance that I found myself at the door of Jon Berrien Studios and GroundSounds.

An Open Door

My first point of contact was a very personable and conversational Jayden Hefner, a bright cheerful videographer with a can-do attitude. He led me to their office and studio where I met part of their growing team and the owner: Jon Berrien. Jon’s high energy level is practically contagious. As the founder of GroundSounds, he helps to support and promote independent music, art, and culture by featuring fresh, independent music from around the globe.

33170060_10105707604197440_3936258838688169984_n.jpgBerrienMedia creates all digital content for including the website, content creation, studio interviews, and video content. As the owner of BerrienMedia, Jon’s sharp and gifted at onboarding valuable talent.

The equally brilliant and creative support team members I met were the visionary Caylib Mason, director of media and computer technology and the multi-talented Jayden Hefner with mad camera skills. In our meeting, they never lacked for ideas which flew about so quickly they’d make a court reporter sweat. Their lively video clips are top notch and fun to watch.

Jon’s as bright, engaging and warm in person as he is in front of the camera and nurtures a cocoon of positive energy. While there, I signed a copy of my epic novel, Painting the Rain for him, which earned me a photo op with Jon Berrien himself.

What does this mean for you?

I could have declined the meeting, decided that driving across town was too much hassle, that they weren’t exactly in the scope of my goals. But that’s limited thinking. Instead, I thought about them. What possibilities exist here? How can I help them? Let’s just see what luis-alfonso-orellana-246919-unsplash.jpghappens!  What is amazing about meeting new people — and especially creative people — is that you just never know where it will lead.

I enjoyed every minute of the fast-paced banter with these three rising stars of the video trend. They made me feel like a rock star.  After hanging out and getting to know them, I liked them and didn’t want to leave. My mind is actively fining a way to work with them or who I can send their way.

This meeting happened because I attended that first networking event alone. I really wanted to meet the host who had posted his personal video on LinkedIn which resonated with me. We did meet and had an opportunity to connect and talk for a few minutes. I counted the evening a major success in my bravery affluence. Through that one encounter, I met many more people who have enhanced my life in various ways. All because I took one positive step forward.

I love encouraging people and sharing upbeat thoughts. It opens doors to meet like-minded people.  Where will all of this lead? I’ll keep you posted, but I expect great things to happen this year.

Have you ever had a chance encounter that changed your life? Tell us about it in comments. We’d love to hear from you!


Jon Berrien

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