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Light Your Goals on Fire


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How do you plan to achieve your current goals? Have you made a list of your current goals? Do you know what your current goals are? So many of us are able to keep plates spinning in our minds where they take up brain space and energy to keep them there. I liken this to sticking a lot of pans on a four burner stove. Those pans that are sharing a burner aren’t getting all the focused attention they need from the fire, to cook evenly. If a pan is placed fully over the fire, it will heat more evenly and finish cooking.  Your idea can only be completed if you light a fire under it and get it going! So how do you do that?

Write your goals down There’s an 85% chance that if you write it down and date it that your goal is much closer to being realized than by keeping it in your head. By writing them on paper, you have already taken them from the realm of the imaginary to reality.

Dreams, goals, imagination, realityIf you want a pan of soup to get hot, you have to leave it on the heat source for a period of time in order to absorb enough heat to reach its full flavor. You can’t set a goal and reach them in the next moment. They require energy to nurture them and see them fulfilled.

Likewise, if you leave your pans on the stove,  but not on any heat source, they’re actually in a holding pattern which, if left there very long, will begin a state of decay.

What does this mean for you?

You may have a list of goals that have been swirling around in your head for a long time. This sort of uncontained filing system may actually cause you to lose track of goals.  And, the likelihood of them being accomplished is considerably less because more pressing things will always present themselves, causing you to forget and preventing you from reaching them.

By writing them down, you have already started breathing life into them. Once you have a list, ponder them. Begin prioritizing them by how long they will take to complete, or by the dates by which you’d like them to be achieved. You’ll be astonished at how many goals you’ll reach just by doing his simple exercise.

Find a mentor or accountability buddy

When I led a writer’s group, it was everyone’s goal to publish. From a core group of six all but one finally realized their publishing result. Recently, a member of my network desired to complete a book but she had become stuck. With no writers in her immediate circle, she reached out to me. We met and discussed her book at length. By talking through the chapters and writing down ideas, she was able to create an outline of her book and get her first chapters started.celebrating, smile, reaching goals, accomplishment

She began writing what she already knew, she made significant progress toward her goal. No small feat considering over 97% of people who begin books never finish. She informed me just this week that she had keyed in the last sentence and that it was time for her to acknowledge and celebrate a major milestone. She did it and so can you.

Are you writing a book? Do you need solid guidance, someone to nudge you along? Maybe you’re one of the 97% who hasn’t finished their project. Do you need access to creative help with your storyline or characters? Are you’re writing a business book or memoir and need someone on whom to bounce ideas, or just encourage you by believing in you?

Let’s connect and see how we can help your dream become a reality. You can comment below, or here. If you have reached a goal, share the steps you took complete it, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I thank ft you for the encouragement I will do tomorrow more. It’s my desire to find the motivation.

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