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How to Overcome the Resistance Blocking Your Destiny


All summer, I’ve made time to read while grounding. Grounding (or Earthing) is where you stick your bare feet in the grass and effortlessly transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground in through your soles. Also by sitting, working, or sleeping just let natural vibration of the earth go through your soles. It is said to be calming, improves sleep and reduces pain, all bonus.

I do this pretty regularly, but this year noticed a Monarch butterfly flitting by every time I went outside. We don’t have a butterfly garden and in fact, really don’t have many flowers around at all. Certainly not butterfly attracting. But without fail, I see one when I spend time outside. Occasionally, two. I took it as a sign that I’m almost to the other side of my own personal transformation.

I was reminded of a summer day where I stepped outside and noticed something different about my watering can. Hanging from the sprinkler head was a green chrysalis. Upon closer inspection, sparkling gold dots could be seen on the exterior. The green tube was the color of a new leaf and as I watched it over the next few days, It seemed to grow translucent, revealing the monarch butterfly that would soon emerge.

You may already know that going from cocoon to air born is pretty arduous. The butterfly must break open the cocoon and press his way out. All the while, he’s transforming his life from ground-bound caterpillar to winged being. In order to live that new life, he’s got to shed the old one. Old mindsets, old ideas.

871993403_1c8e8d8fa6_b.jpgAll that stands between him and the freedom to fly is a thin barrier. But it is that very barrier that he must break down, that obstacle which forces him to grow in strength in order to soar. But, if he doesn’t break out he will die.
He is no longer a caterpillar and can’t go back to his tiny little legs and inchworm-like body. Innately he knows that a change has taken place and that he must exit the cocoon. It provides the perfect amount of resistance to give strength to his new wings.

What does this mean for you?

Every new adventure involves a certain amount of resistance and struggle. It doesn’t mean life is fighting against you. It means you should plan for a certain amount of it and persevere. It is the perfect amount of resistance to help you soar. Some of our most exponential growth happens during the difficult times. By trying various methods and find out what works, we become stronger and more resilient. To succeed we need to keep pressing on. Rest if you must, but do not give up.

Get a fight song.

I’ve shared before about using music to pull ourselves out of our blues. But have you considered finding a song that makes you want to fight?
Each Rocky movie had one to keep him training for his big fight. And you need to have one too. Here’s a few to get you started, but by no means an exhaustive list: Kristene Demarco_I’m no victim
Adel_ Rolling in the Deep
Eminem Till I collapsed

Miranda Lambert Gunpowder & Lead

What works for you might not work for me, and what works for you may not appeal to someone else. So, find the song that really strengthens and motivates you. Pick one that makes you feel like kicking butt, that gets your blood pumping, your mind working and makes you dig in for the fight. We’re all going to have those days where we’ll need to get ourselves pulled up and it helps to plan in advance.

Have a fight song to add? Type it into comments to share it with us.

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