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Can What You Put in Your Mouth Affect Your Positivity?


Many years ago, a friend of mine slipped and fell on the ice dislocating their shoulder. Because of the timing, I was the only person they could reach to take them to the hospital. Having a bone out of joint causes extreme pain. Muscles are stretched in ways they were not intended.

As I drove to the hospital, they begged me to run red lights and resist stopping at posted signs.  I wouldn’t do that, which incurred a constant stream of caustic invectives.  While the pain was no doubt agonizing, and I sympathized, their condition was not life-threatening.

Likewise, if you’re eating the wrong foods, your body is sending you distress messages. They may not be saying, “Speed through the next red light!” but are you able to interpret your body’s messages? Need a nap after that carb-rich pasta- or Thanksgiving meal? Feel cranky and short-tempered after pastries or sweets? Feeling lethargic the next day after a few beers?

What you eat affects the way you think affects the way you behave.

What we eat may not cause us to be reckless drivers on the highway, but your thinking is affected and certainly your mood, and much worse. I’m not in a positive mind when I have a headache or my body is in pain.

The truth of how sugar can cause deeper deficits of energy and health is becoming more widely known through documentaries like That Sugar Film.  Books like Grain BrainHealthy, Wellthy and Wise and The China Study do their best to help us navigate through a sea of misinformation but it only helps us if we heed the wisdom.

M&LF blog pic.PNGIf you’re existing on fast food, high-sugar foods, alcohol or over-caffeinating, you’re probably noticing that your days are not starting off on the best foot. It may contribute to less productivity at work and even disrupt sleep patterns all of which affect your thinking and performance on any given day.

If you’re truly brave, ask others if you’re being affected by certain foods. While I loved them, my daughter insisted that I must never again eat chocolate covered coffee beans. For me, they cause mental instability (along with severe heart fluttering.)

The cofounders of Memphis and Lefty’s fork are two upbeat, “crunchy” moms who promote eating and preparing foods that make their bodies feel good and run optimally. They both abhor diet culture, weightloss thinking, and choose instead body positivity.  When you’re starting off on a positive, you feel great from a good night’s rest and your batteries fully charged for the day.

On their website, they provide easy to prepare global, plant-based recipes with no calorie counting. Additionally, recipes are surprisingly delicious and filling. Each of them tells their story of how they arrived at the decision to make peace with their bodies and partner with their food and how food choices affect their day-to-day.

What does this mean for you?

Maybe, despite your food and drink choices, you’re 100% positive from the time youIMG_20180924_121726605_HDR.jpg wake from a deep refreshing sleep to powering throughout your busy, jam-packed day, until you drop into bed at night. That’s wonderful! I want to know your secret!!

But, if you are starting out in a negative place, why not take a look at changing up your food game? Whether you feel like a minus-one or a minus-one-hundred, waking up tired, not feeling well, aching in various parts (when you don’t work out) or suffering with chronic health problems is not an optimal life.

No matter what your body shape or size, background, eating habits, cravings or addictions, Memphis and Lefty want to help others feel great through plant-based recipes. They even show you their favorite tips and tricks with regularly scheduled, free-ebooks.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling a slump, give Memphis’ special blend Super Mom (and Dad!) Tea a shot.


2 C. filtered water
1tsp. Puerh Tea
1tsp. Hibiscus flower petals dried
4 Goji berries

Bring 16 oz. water to boil and remove from heat. Place remaining ingredients in a tea ball and steep 5-10 (and up to 30) minutes until desired strength is reached. Sweeten with honey or maple syrup if desired. Great hot or chilled.

Links to Resources:

That Sugar Film

Grain Brain Dr. Perlmutter

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