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I met John Hanson this summer and had the privilege of sharing over a cup of coffee and about his current book, WOW Your Customers! 7 Ways to World-Class Service.

The reason I’m featuring John is that he’s an amazing young man with an upbeat attitude and a real desire to help people. His contagious energy and the sincerity of his message is on every page of the book.

If you have to deal with the public in any capacity, this insightful book will give you implement new and tried and true ideas for customer service that will have you rising to the top like a star on a Christmas tree.

Check out John’s inspiring article below and find out how you can save a little cash-ola in the process.

“My daughter just earned a sales position…this book is a must-read!”

Gary excitedly shared with me that his recently-graduated daughter had earned a coveted sales position with an NBA team. He had just finished reading WOW Your Customers! 7 Ways to World-Class Service, and he wanted his daughter to benefit from the practical, customer-centric ideas inside.
The book has been available on Amazon for only a few months, and readers are already sending their feedback. Karen appreciated the many personal examples of excellent customer service throughout the book. Juli stated that this quick, upbeat book shared principles and ideas that were easy to implement. Travis said the book was a quick, easy read with practical ideas.
And now Amazon is offering a promotion: purchase more than $20 of Amazon books and get $5 off with the Promo Code NOVBOOK18. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for friends or co-workers in customer service, sales, and management roles or avid how-to book readers, here’s a great option! Order with Amazon Prime, and you can receive the book in just 2 days with free shipping. Order your copies today!

I don’t get a kickback or any affiliate fees from John. I read his book myself and it changed the way I do business. If you’re looking for that edge that makes you stand out, this could be what you’re looking for.

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