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Keep Going

I have been at the end of myself more times than I care to admit. And, in talking with a friend last night, you’d think that someone who gets as beat up by life as I do, would have given up by now.

But, I’m not a quitter. And I don’t know what that would even look like. Even through the recent loss of a very close family member, through job changes, and a myriad of other unexpected setbacks, I find the strength to keep plowing ahead.


I believe in a greater, more powerful being than myself. The things that happen in my life are not random, they drive me to a point. They shape my destiny. When I run into a wall, I can redirect, or try to break through it. Isn’t that what’s going on with a baby chick inside the egg shell? If they don’t give up, they eventually break through the wall.

And on the other side is a new life.

It seems every time at just the moment that “I can’t do this anymore” a tailormade blessing pops up.

It’s like going on a 100-mile run alone and just when you reach the 55-mile marker and think you are spent, a person appears holding a water-bottle and a team of encouragers appear to say, “Keep going! You’re almost there!” Those kinds of events help you find a second (third, or fourth) wind. Refreshed, you keep moving forward to the goal.

Choosing to keep going is within our control. Our self-talk and attitude are critical in those moments. We are all much stronger than we think we are. It’s easy to pick out among us who believes that.

 Instead of curling up into a ball and giving up, they ask, “What if I went just a little bit further than I think I can right now? Push the limit just a little bit more? One more set in my work out? One more chapter in my book?” They just start and go as long as they can until they really feel they can’t anymore.

Those are not low-hanging branches and the fruit on them is amazingly sweet. It makes the effort worthwhile. It strengthens you to rise to more challenges and go farther.

What does this mean for you?

I recognize that this is not always possible. And when it isn’t, I don’t beat myself (too much) about it and neither should you. Circumstances can absolutely knock the wind out of us. In those instances, we need time to regroup. We might need to tap friends or family or other resources to get back on our feet. It happens to all of us. I acknowledge my setbacks. I look for the lesson is in them. What the purpose was for its occurrence. It’s been rewarding to do so. In spite of how bleak, or dire the circumstances are, there has always been an opportunity for growth.

And, you’re guaranteed to meet someone who will benefit from the knowledge you’ve gained through such experiences. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned? If you have shared them with others, how were they impacted?

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