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A Pocket Filled with Sunbeams

Writer Teresa Lund’s poetic imagery inspires and haunts and reaches into the universal memories that reside in each of us. A child’s simple wonder stirs joy and hope in my heart. It is my pleasure to share Teresa’s thoughts with you.

As a young child, my daughter loved playing in the sunshine and hiking the nearby woodlands, watching for sunlight beaming through the trees onto the path.

She ran ahead on the trail to stand on sun-covered ground, bathed in streaming radiance. Sometimes, she raised her face and arms welcoming the sunlight.

When asked why, she’d say,“I’m just being friendly to the light, like the trees when they reach up their branches.”

Her fascination with sun light, led us to create our game of catching sunbeams. We ran into rays of light to capture a magic beam, placing it in our pockets.

On the next rainy day, when she wished for the sunshine, we pulled out our sunbeams, hidden in the crayons and paints.

 We colored and painted sunny days, remembering the way diamonds of light shimmered on water or cascaded through the branches on our walks.

Bright sunlit pictures dotted our walls and refrigerator, bursting with color and imagination.

Paint pictures with beautiful dreams and memories; color them with sunny mindful meadows, in hues of bright glistening imagination.

With that child-inspired wonder, we can still fill our pockets full of sunbeams with memories, imagination and creativity when the storms of life darken our days.

And tomorrow when the sun shines, catch a pocket full of sunbeams.

What is one of your most hopeful memories? What do you think about when you go to a “happy place?” What new memory are you looking forward to right now?

Share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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