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Arise and Shine

Driving home in the hilly country after working a third shift job, James dozed off behind the wheel. His family became alarmed when he hadn’t returned and began calling his job and friends and finally the police. James was found in a ditch, onconscious, barely alive. They rushed him to a hospital where he was treated and put on life support. A medically induced coma was advised to aid healing. James’s brother stopped by the hospital regularly to talk to him, play music and pray over him even though there was no response. The staff weaned James off the coma-inducing medicines, expecting him to awake in a day or two. To everyone’s shock, James didn’t stir for weeks afterward.

Distressed, James’s brother called me to share news and ask for additonal prayer. During a prayer for James, it suddenly occurred to me to ask YHVH how to wake him up. The answer seemed simple and a little strange. I phoned James’s brother to share.

“The next time you go visit James, ask him, ‘Do you know how long you’ve been asleep?’ Then tell him how long it has been.”

He said he’d try it the next day. And less than a week later, after having been in a coma for over three months, I got another call. James had awakened.

James later shared that he’d been listening to beautiful music and enjoying conversations with ones in the realm where he found himself; a sort of timeless place where there was no pressure and he felt comfortable and at peace. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Maybe you have had a similar experience, where you were having sweet dream in a story line you liked and didn’t want to wake up. Sometimes our dreams are so real, we can hardly believe we’re dreaming. But when James heard his brother’s question, and that he had been asleep for three months, something changed. It hit a nerve. Where James had been spending time was not truly reality.

What does this mean for you?

James suddenly remembered he had family, a wife and kids, that he hadn’t seen for a long time. As the breadwinner his duty to them began tugging at him. The dream he’d been enjoying was not his real life. The conversations of that realm had kept his mind occupied and distracted and in a coma-like state.  I’m persuaded that James would have stayed even longer had the question not been asked. Being in a coma is only one way to be asleep.

The headlines are getting crazier every day, aren’t they? One says we don’t need masks the other says we need MORE masks. What is reality and what is Wag the Dog?

My question is, where are you? Are the conversations, the shows you’re watching, the media you’re listening to keeping you distracted and your mind occupied? What questions would cut through to reach you? How can you test the boundaries of your beliefs to wake up like James did?

It’s easy to think the circle of people around us, our home, car, and our favorite stations as reality, like the Truman Show. But there is so much more. Investigating outside go-to media channels or search engines, can you find the facts that support what you believe? Or will you find new answers? I have a lot of questions, don’t you?

Because doing research is something I love doing, I don’t wait for six o’clock to roll around. I do my own investigating to see if the reports say to me what it says to someone else (often it does not.) Is the reality we’re being presented with… real? Do the numbers match the hype? I’ll spare you my opinions.

I’ll say this, there is much more to the current reality than what you and I have been told. What my investigation led me was far bigger and far worse. Read the paragraph under the circled information. What do you see? A coincidence?

For us to be the champions of positivity, you must be seekers of truth. The world is going to need us relatively soon. I implore you to do your own investigating and find out what is really happening.

I will spare you my finding after hundreds of hours of research. Here’s one hint. In this undoctored photo you must draw your own conclusions. Do your own research. Type in the words I typed in. You may want to look into alternate browsers to do your research like Duck Duck Go, Fire Fox, or Presearch (get paid to look things up!)

You’re a brilliant thinker on your own. Whatever you do, don’t take my word for it. Just ask yourself, does all that you’re hearing really add up? When it doesn’t, go find out. God knows we’ve all had enough of fake everything, haven’t we?

Let the truth shine.

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