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Destined for Success

In the late winter, I decided to try sprouting an avocado pit. In some ways, this seemed doomed to fail at the outset. For one, avocados are tropical plants and it was the coldest season in the Midwest. The place of optimal light was also the coldest place in the house.

I’ve tried sprouting Avocado seeds before. It’s a much faster process in warmer climates, like Florida where the environment is ideal.The brown ball sat there, hanging on toothpicks over a jar of water for three months, with no obvious change. I added water as needed. Trusting it would sprout. Willing it to sprout.

Just as I was about to throw it away—try again in the summer—I recalled that certain things could be encouraged to root if other plants rooting were placed in water with them. I had a succulent that sprouts roots from its above-ground stem if it even suspects water is in the neighborhood. I placed a six-inch portion with the pit to keep it company. Within weeks, (in the cold month of March) the avocado pit sprouted a root the size of a mouse tail. Shortly afterward, a top shoot. Now it’s on its way to becoming an (indoor) Avocado tree.

What does this mean for you?

Sometimes, the effort we make toward something new can seem to have little traction. But often the moment we want to give up is the point at which the breakthrough is about to occur. So when I think I’ve hit a wall or can’t do this one second more, I’ve learned that if I can just wait a little bit more, 99% of the time there is sudden, significant and mind-blowing growth. It has always been worth the wait. What I learned is that if the environment is not ideal, it just takes longer. Sometimes when we’re staying the path, what we need is an encourager—someone who’s just a little farther down the road to show us, this is doable!

The script to become a tree was embedded in the avocado seed, just as your true destiny is embedded in you! No one can hand your future to you. But if you are true to yourself, believe you will succeed, that you are worthy of success, and destined for great things (and stay the course!) it’s just a matter of time.

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It’s always great to see you and I appreciate you stopping by. Until next time, drop comments in the box below!

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