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Adjusting to the Compass

How do you know when it’s time to move? Either from one apartment to the next, to another city,  or even across the country? After thirty-nine moves, I’m very tuned into YHVH on this. When my husband began talking it up about moving two years ago this month, I hadn’t had any of the “usual signs.” He just wanted to move.   I was willing to wait to see what YHVH had in mind, and I am glad I did. At the beginning of this summer, God showed me in a dream the inside of the place that was ideal for me. He even showed me I would be moving before my lease was up. I just didn’t yet know where. 

I’d heard thousands of people were on wait lists and that there weren’t enough places for people to live. My neighbor shared plenty of moving nightmares—new places not being ready on time. She informed me that she had found a place to move, to but was on a list. She had no idea how long it would be.

When I mentioned that it was time for me to move, I shared the dream I had. She cocked an eyebrow and with an expression that was skeptical said, “Good luck with that!”

In the natural, it did look pretty hopeless. But that’s exactly when I need divine advantage. So I prayed! The following week, I called several places and made an appointment with only one. When I walked in, I knew in my soul this was the right place. We discussed my needs, they added my name to a waiting list. They couldn’t promise a date, but I wasn’t the least bit concerned, because I remembered the dream. The next time I saw my neighbor she was exasperated.

“I’ve been on a wait list for six months already!”

“I was on a wait. But after two weeks, they called and said a place had opened up. I’m moving six weeks before my lease ends.”

“How did you pull that off?”

“You won’t believe me.” I finally told her what I had prayed.  “God, please lead me to the place that you have chosen for me. You showed it to me in a dream and even that I would be moving early. I believe you are at work, so I’m packing.” Packing based on a dream is a leap of faith.

“Maybe I should try that…”

And because of this move, I missed a couple of blog deadlines. My sincerest apologies to my faithful readers. Thankfully, I’m mostly settled now and back on track.

Your book tailored to your need by Ghostwriter Juli OceanWhat does this mean for you?

Amid all the crises and cacophony, you may wonder if God even notices you. If you ever prayed for something you really wanted, and your prayer didn’t get answered you may have been disappointed. You may believe that God doesn’t answer prayers. I have been disappointed too. With all that’s going on out there, could you use some divine advantage?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but God cares about what happens to you and he has a plan for your life. He’s got his eye on you. He’s calling you to be closer to Him: one on one, on this side of eternity.  God’s desire is to be in fellowship with you, for you to get to know him.  I encourage you to try it again.  I guarantee that he does. Maybe you’re still skeptical.

“Does prayer really change anything?” My neighbor is still back at the ranch (now eight months later) and I’m in a new place in a place he chose for me. Ask him to show you that he’s real.  Even if you’re afraid, or feel totally unworthy to talk to the Creator of the Universe, I know He will gladly meet you right where you are. He doesn’t mind how you show up, just come. You don’t have to pray from a church or temple or synagogue. Just call out to him. If you want to know him better, the answers are in his bestselling book. Or, send your questions or comments below and I will do my best to answer them. And I’m happy to pray for you.

Thank you to the new subscribers who have recently followed my blog. It means a lot, and I’m happy to have you on board! Those who have been with me for a while, I appreciate your loyalty.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


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