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A Little Change

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Many years ago, I friend of mine I’ll call Sheila, confided that her husband was physically abusive. I helped her move out and figured she was on the road to a new life. But months later, she called again.

Her husband had found her. In a dramatic show, he apologized and promised to do better and convinced her to move back home. He was better for a while. And then, he went right back to the way he’d always been. It wasn’t until after their son was born that Sheila moved out for good and filed for divorce. After moving to another state, she had a good job and seemed to be doing well. She became a stronger person through that experience.

Sometimes our environment can hold us back. If we feel haunted by the past it could be time for a change. It’s why some people move after they’ve been robbed or had a tragedy in their homes. Try to pinpoint what about your environment isn’t working for you.

What does this mean for you?

I once lived in a city where everyone talked it down. Everyone I met seemed depressed. And even when I wasn’t around those people, the city had a certain air of despair about it. In a radical move, I found myself several states away in the land of sunshine. It was a good change that helped me figure out how much attitude and light can affect environment.

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You may have noticed that we have a new look on the website! This had become an environment that was no longer working for me. I wanted to feel excited about showing up and something as simple as a new theme sparked hundreds of new ideas for posts and pages.

I’m constantly aware of the places I go and how they make me feel. It takes a little detective work to figure out where your environment is negatively affecting you, but once you know, it’s a simple matter of choosing a better one.

Some of the simpler adjustments didn’t require a change of address as much as a change of destination. Moving from one place of worship to another can have a profound effect and breathe fresh life into an area of your life that feels stagnant.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

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