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Summer Sparks a New Project

Hello! Are you having a great summer so far? I’m glad you’re getting a chance to read this. I can’t believe that we’re already into July and just celebrated Independence Day!

I should tell you that right as two previous clients were being published and launching their new books, I began writing my personal nonfiction book. Since the first week of May, the process has already revealed more insights about various pain points that authors face, and I’ve done this over a dozen times before! It has been much easier to see a client’s needs clearly and work through each phase. Maybe it seems different because it’s a personal project? Regardless, it has turned out to be more involved than I expected. The first step, the Brain Dump, was close to fifty thousand words! (The average book is between 50 and 60k.)

I suddenly realize many weeks have passed since my last blog post! I hope you will forgive the lapse. While I tackle this book and several other projects, I will continue to post but on a monthly  schedule. For the next several months, I’ll share my thoughts, perspectives, and tips for those who want to try penning their own stories. I may even share excerpts, something I’m not able to do with client projects because of our NDA.

If you have questions drop them in the comments below. Or, if you want to know what it looks like to work with us, set up a no-obligation, free 30-minute Zoom chat, select a time that works for you from my calendar and I’ll email a link–usually within 24 hours.

Even if you’re pretty far into your book and got stuck, it’s not a problem! I love talking about writing and meeting new authors! I’m always happy to share information. Book your free, no-pressure, no-sales brainstorming session with the calendar link. We can talk through where you are, see where you’re stuck and make suggestions so you can finish your book. And I won’t bug you about working together after our meeting. Click here.

Enjoy your hard-won Independence and the beautiful weather in your end of our great Earth.

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