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My Books

These fiction books are written under the pen name J E Ocean. These books were written for me and sound like me; the books I write for my client sound like my clients. Enjoy.

Painting the Rain

After the loss of her husband Jack in a tragic car accident, Elyce Petersen struggles to resume her creative life as a renowned artist. When Max Petrov resurfaces in Santa Fe after hiding out Moscow, he pressures Elyce to take her late husband’s place in his international business: stealing cars.
She’s not interested, but soon discovers Max has lured her best friend into a dangerous plan; and because Danni is the closest thing she has to family, she is faced with a difficult choice that promises to leave no one unscathed.

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The Great Divide, a novelette

The Great Divide A Novelette by J.E. Ocean, Dacey Theroux’s life takes a turn for the worst when her unstable ex-husband shows up at her job with a gun, to make a scene and threaten her in front of coworkers.

Across town, Terry Jackson’s life slowly slips away. Severely ill and lonely, he seems resigned to his inevitable conclusion. He receives a card from a dear friend which reignites romantic hope.

As Dacey sits by the sea on a deserted beach in the middle of a work day, reflecting on a bizarre scene that she can’t forget soon enough, she entertains an unlikely messenger. What he tells her becomes the basis of her new life leading her to face her past–and her shocking present.

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WindowlandWindowland by author writer J.E. Ocean, writer, ghostwriter Central Ohio,

Obsessed with mirrors, Jaaz looks forward to the giant mirror maze that comes with their annual festival. While she’s watching the many iterations of herself passing through the infinity of the maze, she catches a glimpse of someone who looks like her emerging from the reflective glass in front of her. The woman quickly entrusts Jaaz with a wand-like device, claiming it will answer all of her questions about mirrors. Then the wand begins to glow.

Suddenly, a group of enormous, fierce-looking men catch sight of the glimmer, and Jaaz finds herself the target of a chase. While evading them, she body slams into a dead end. Instead of breaking the glass, she falls through it and finds herself in Windowland, a realm filled with the ability to see into every room in the world.

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Ticking Eyes

Trapped in a tiny cage, Windle Worboy finds himself in a dark and frightening place, surrounded by weeping and wailing. Thrown overboard at sea, he believes he is dead and destined to spend eternity in the pit.

“There’s something different about you,” says a Blue Monarch butterfly. She encourages Windle to imagine a better place. Through this exercise he becomes inspired to escape. Windle seeks the true light to illuminate his path to the top side. Once there, he must gain entry to a living body. Even though comman-deering a body isn’t so easy, Windle must avoid the hellish jailer, Ballaganthan and reach his trusted friend or be trapped forever.

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