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A La Cart Services

Interactive Coach / Rewrite / Edit

  • Nonfiction: $1,500 — $3,500/month
  • Memoir or Fiction: $2,500 — $4500/month
  • May stop and restart without restriction

With our ghostwriting services, get help with your work-in-progress from a Certified Ghostwriter who will guide you, teach you ghostwriting techniques, keep you on track, and help you make vital decisions in two 90-minute sessions per week. This hands-on-the-reins approach is the most cost-effective way to become a publishable author. Available for Manuscripts and Submission Materials.

Analysis & Recommendations

  • Nonfiction: $1,500
  • Memoir: $2,500
  • Fiction: $3,500

Requires two weeks

A thorough, written report detailing what your manuscript actually says to a cold reader, the depth of its potential in various markets, it strongest selling points, its biggest obstacles in the marketplace, and exactly how to overcome those obstacles. Specifically, when you hire us for our ghostwriting services, we will:

  • Identify your manuscript’s “gold” and other strengths
  • Identify any deal breakers and other weaknesses
  • Provide an industry-standard pitch line for query letters and promotions
  • Determine the 3 most appropriate market (BISAC) and direct-to-reader (Amazon) classifications
  • Analyze overall potential in light of strengths, weaknesses, and market(s)
  • Recommend step-by-step “how to” corrections for marketplace obstacles


  •  $250 per session

Writing a book can be a lonely business, and it’s easy to get frustrated, discouraged, or even stuck. When that happens–or when you just need a sympathetic ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or an expert hand to get you through the rough spots–we can help you conquer writer’s block, re-set your focus, and get you back on track.

Industry Standard Book Proposal: 15k stand alone, 5k add on

All nonfiction is sold by book proposals. All literary agents, scouts, and traditional publishers require them. Most marketing departments, distributors, and wholesalers want pieces of the information in them.

Industry Standard Book Proposals, aka your book’s business plan, explains the Who, What, Why, Where, and How and highlights the Urgent, Unique, Useful, and Ultra-Specific. It includes:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Proposal Contents
  3. Overview (from the industry’s perspective)
  4. Market analysis (BISAC, etc.)
  5. Competition (recent bestselling / perennial)
  6. Author Bio (authority & credentials)
  7. Promotion (the author will: …)
  8. Book Details (cost-factors)
  9. Book Contents (annotated, chapter-by-chapter table of contents)
  10. Sample Chapters (first 2-3 as example of structure and writing)

Much of a Book Proposal’s information can be re-purposed for publicists, booking agents, marketing agents, advertisements, cooperative marketing ventures, and self-publishers who want to develop affiliations with independent supply-chain entities.

Bestseller Strategy Plan

A Bestseller Strategy Plan explains where to go and what to do to sell thousands (rather than dozens) of copies of your self-published book. Title-specific, it provides an initial off- and online marketing plan to help you launch your author career and includes:

  • Industry pitch for distributors, wholesalers, and booksellers
  • Introduction blurb for hosts and emcees
  • Specific URLs for potential affiliates, fee-based promotion, power forums, consignment sales
  • Topic-related blogs and publications
  • Potential sponsors and product tie-ins
  • Potential bulk-sale buyers
  • Potential hi-volume/lo-margin booksellers
  • Cooperative marketing campaigns
  • Off and online event possibilities
  • Government and military sale possibilities