The Dash Between

A new friend and I were recently discussing the place of in-between, where what is coming is not yet. At what point does it become real? At inception? Conclusion? Or somewhere along the way? Sometimes in the waiting it may look like nothing is happening, especially if forward motions isn’t visible to the naked eye….

The Kindness in Sweet Endings

One of the jobs I had in my early 20s lasted about three hours. I went in, and as I was being shown the ropes, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the knowledge that this was a really bad fit. But instead of waiting to the end of my shift, I changed into my street clothes,…

Destined for Success

In the late winter, I decided to try sprouting an avocado pit. In some ways, this seemed doomed to fail at the outset. For one, avocados are tropical plants and it was the coldest season in the Midwest. The place of optimal light was also the coldest place in the house. I’ve tried sprouting Avocado…

Best in the World

Still proud to be an American. I love this country and the people. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend! Hug a Veteran and thank them for your freedom!

Design Your Own Life

Spring does strange things to people and I’ve been on a cleansing and purging kick. These deep digs turn up funny things. I found a box of rejection slips from lit journals, anthologies, magazines, and various other publications. It’s like I couldn’t take no for an answer. One “yes” every six months kept me going,…

With Gratitude

We owe a lot to those who gave all so we could live and breathe and pursue happiness in a free country. Remember them and their families who have also sacrificed a great deal. Many men and women have lost their lives defending our constitution, and many continue to serve our country. Do right by…

Seduced by Someday

Talking with a dear friend the other day, catching up on our lives and goals. He’d written a book but lacked the energy or motivation to market. Like many of us, he wanted to step into a readymade career the way we slip on a comfy, winter coat. He longed to hold regular workshops, speaking…

The Beginning is Here

When YeHoVaH brought back those that returned to Zion,We were like unto them that dream.2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter,And our tongue with singing:Then said they among the nations,YeHoVaH has done great things for them.3 Jehovah has done great things for us,Whereof we are glad.4 Turn again our captivity, O YeHoVaH,As the streams in the South.5 They…

Follow the Sun

One dreary grey day, many years ago, I stared out the window from my seat on a delayed flight to New Mexico. To be honest, the weather reflected my mood pretty accurately. In a word: joyless. After everyone boarded and buckled in, the pilot announced our imminent takeoff. Soon we were speeding down the runway….

Satisfy Small Curiosities

The people around us cannot see into the future. If they could, I would have been accepted into every college prep English class I signed up for in high school.

Sneak Preview

Winter is tough, but you’re tougher. Hang on to your hope. Spring and all its glory are just around the corner. The days are longer, the sun is warmer, let brightness cheer you. You’re stronger this year than ever before! It can still be the best year of your life. You were built for greatness!…

Changing Up

Embracing change encourages growth and resilience.