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How Ghostwriting Works

You want your book to say what you want it to say, the way you want it said. You don’t want to hand over your ideas to someone who will write the manuscript in their own vision. You want to be intimately involved with your title’s development and writing. Hiring a ghostwriter is a great solution.

As a Certified Ghostwriter trained in a proprietary, trade-secret process, I don’t want your book to just be “great” I want it to be a Marketable Literary Property that will receive the serious consideration it deserves in the marketplace.

We’ll take your book through a process.

  1. Development
  2. Structural Edit
  3. Ghostwriting
  4. Musical Line Edit
  5. Final Edit
  6. Submissions and Strategy Plans
  7. Pricing and Schedules

Every book is different, just like each client. There are unique stories and unique circumstance. Because of this we do not post prices for our ghostwriting service, and encourage you to schedule your free consultation here.

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