Changing Up

Embracing change encourages growth and resilience.

Bonus Post:Calling All Writers

Normally, I don’t post on a Monday. However, I have good news to share and I couldn’t hang onto until the next post! For my readers who love writing, or those who might be expanding their platforms, need publishing credits, and/or have been wanting to be in a book, but maybe aren’t quite ready to…

See the Forest in the Seeds

Recently, I shared an apple with a six-year-old boy. When I cut the apple into wedges,  a small handful of seeds fell out. My mind went one way, his went another. I wanted to scoop them up and throw them away so his little brother wouldn’t find them and eat them. They have traces of…

Little Steps Big Results

Years ago, amid reading a ton of books, I came across one of the most prolific new authors I ever had the pleasure to read. A Google search revealed she’d written a dozen books. She had a sharp website, a social media platform that reached around the world, and everywhere I looked, there she was….

Dusting Off Trunk Books

It surprises most people to find out that ghostwriting is “a thing.” But truthfully, most celebrities, politicians, and entertainers don’t have time to write a book. You don’t have to be in that crowd to write one. There are loads of fascinating stories out there that want to be told. Maybe yours is one of…