Surprisingly Simple Ways to Balance Devastating News


hopeless.jpegYou only have to open your eyes in the morning to know that somewhere in the world something terrible has happened. Sometimes, bad news presses the panic button in us and we feel overwhelming sadness, fear or a persistent state of doom. You may feel as though you have no control over the constant assault on our fragile peace of mind. Have you been there?

Maybe you need a vacation from bad news. As radical as it sounds, it was precisely because of bad news that I decided to live without television, a decision I don’t regret. By not bathing in every depressing story, by not listening to talking heads repeat themselves, I gained peace of mind and an elevation of mood. It became easier to be positive. I no longer wake with a sense of dread. With all the news channels available online, one click delivers what I really need to know, without the breaking-news anxiety, play-by-play drama or video feed that haunts so many.

Yes, bad things happen all over the world, and there will be times that we’ll grieve along with the victims, we’ll pray or be pressed into service or called upon to give financially. What we do to help is something we have absolute control over.

To maintain your positive attitude (or latch onto one if the news has you down) try this exercise. For the amount of time that you listened to bad news, balance it by listening to good news.

pexels-photo-220436.jpegWhat good news?

Just as with bad new, somewhere something wonderful has happened. Not only that, many more good news stories are unfolding even while you read this.

If you think of news like global weather, just because it’s raining here (in Central Ohio) doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining somewhere else. It doesn’t take away from the heat and brightness and mood lifting Serotonin that floods a person walking in the sunlight there.

Millions are mobilized to help because of bad news. That’s good news! When we’re awash in negative news, it’s important to remember that somewhere, a life is being saved, human beings are acting kindly toward one another, people help others and loving one another. The message of love is growing in this country and around the world.  But, you can encourage yourself and have good news to share with someone else who might need a shot in the arm. That said, where do you find good news?

I’ve included a few links to get you started, but you may also want to conduct your own search to and find even more. Additionally, some free apps like Feedly let you pick the content you read. By choosing the news sources you want to hear from, you take control over news intake.

Not only are you likely to find a story that will bring a smile to your heart and cheer your soul, these newsgroups can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter, so you’re getting doses of good news throughout the day. Make it a priority to seek out good news stories.

Today look under good news.


Good News Network  check out the “Uplifting” tab



Sunny Skyz

While it’s impossible to get through this life without hearing bad news, having healthy countermeasures can make all the difference. And while I don’t believe there’s such a thing as too much good news, by balancing the bad with more good, you should notice the difference almost immediately.

If you find great stories that you want to share here please add the link in comments! We’d love to see what you’re reading. And if this post helped you, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you.

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