The Rarified Air of Celebrity



Recently, some local magazines interviewed my husband regarding a play that he’s directing. I’m happy for him. It’s his first musical in years, and he’s thrilled to pieces with the cast. And while he’s having a great time, there are a few of them just as enamored to be working along-side someone of his decades-long experience. When he’s directing, he’s in his element, and he’s really good at what he does. Naturally, I can’t wait to see the fruit of all his effort. I plan to hunt down the magazines and get a few copies to pass along to family and friends. (Autographed, for sure!)

This last weekend, a dear friend launched her first book. It’s been all the talk in her circle of friends for months. She wrote her book several years ago and left it to languish in a drawer. Hearing about it awakened the ghostwriter in me and I kept prodding her to finish it. Finally, we co-labored to bring her book to life. It was thrilling to watch it unfold. She’s bold and gracious and a gifted speaker. (She even autographed a copy for me and also mentioned me in the front matter!)

It’s exciting to see people get their time in the spotlight and watch the doors that open as a result. I’m not comfortable being the center, hence, the welcome anonymity of being a ghostwriter! So, it was with great surprise that one of my blog followers reached out to me personally. She had sweetly asked if I would assist her in a writing project and I agreed. I asked if she’d mind my phoning her and she seemed completely amazed that someone of my stature would take the time to talk to (her words) “someone like her.” There are no small people, sweet lady.

sing-singing-singer-microphone-64274.jpegI don’t recall how much time passed before I was actually able to make the call. Truly my days are pretty full, but hey, a follower of mine needed me! I felt compelled to call. I wanted to call, if for no other reason than to find out why she thought so highly of me.

Why me? When did I get to this space? I felt honored and humbled. Is this how my husband and my book writing friend felt? The people we look up to do seem to have a sort of air of celebrity about them.

I admit, that there are people I look up to and aspire to be like. Some are in my field or doing the things I aspire to be doing, and they’re farther down the road than I am. And when I connected to them, I was all giddy and a-titter!  Jerry Jenkins answered one of my Facebook questions about his movie? Claudia Suzanne called me? Carol Tice connected with me on LinkedIn? The “wow!” factor. These names may not mean much to you, so who would you want to bump elbows with? Who do you hold in high esteem?

What does this mean for you?

At times, it’s hard to imagine that there are people who look up to us, but it’s true. For someone, you are that person of celebrity. Either by position, age, wisdom, ability or talent. Think about it. That’s a big responsibility. When we know that someone is grateful.jpegwatching us, it puts things in a little different light. We might carry ourselves a little differently. When our public is watching, we want to be caught doing the right things.

I’m pretty much the same everywhere I go. I treat everyone with respect, whether you like me or not, were born here or arrived here another way. I don’t mind if you have an accent, a different skin color or don’t believe what I believe. You’re worthy of dignity and respect. And if you are a follower of mine, I want to thank you. You could be doing anything, but you chose to come here and read my post. I thank you for that.

I know some of you keep blogs and travel, and you’re fun to read. But, I’d like to know more about some of you who haven’t been commenting; the secret, spotlight-dodging lurkers out there. What do you do in your daily life? What do you aspire to? Who do you look up to and why? And if you’re really brave, tell us who looks up to you. Thanks for stopping by and I really hope to hear from you.

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  1. Sue H-m says:

    So excited for you and your husband getting the attention and admiration from your peers that you both deserve! You are both so dedicated and put yourselves so fully into your passions, it is no surprise that you are being recognized for it.

    1. JEOcean says:

      It’s just exciting! With more exposure I hope we can touch more lives. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Wow, you are amazing!

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