Special Delivery: An answer can be life changing


rawpixel-com-247356-unsplashHave you ever watched a flower delivery in progress? A floral arrangement makes a grand entrance and is carried with such a sense of purpose. They make a statement, attract attention, and you can’t help but watch them go by.  We may not even see the person holding them, just the flowers. He (or she) walks in confidence that their package will be welcomed with surprise, a smile or even joyful tears. As that flower delivery man makes their way through the building, they create a wake of curiosity and broad smiles.  What’s the occasion? Who’s the lucky recipient? When the flowers arrive at their destination, there’s such magic in the moment. What a great and memorable gift.

Recently I met with an amazing woman. She’s part of a skilled team of knowledgeable faith-based business owners who help others learn how to turn a new business idea into sustainable income. Because her group works with such diverse people with diverse needs and visions, they’re always watchful for like-minded people that may be able to come alongside. She believes that no matter what idea someone has for a business, there’s someone out there with those gifts and talents, who knows how to help them and make it work. It’s magic waiting to happen.

In the early days of trying to put my website together, I really struggled. I worked for almost 2 years, not really making much headway because I found the back end so much more complicated than what I was used to. Because none of my local friends were using the WordPress platform no one could help me figure out what I needed to know to make it work. One day, I met a young woman at my day job who was extremely well versed in website creation. By the time I found her, I was ready to pay lots of money for help. She agreed to meet at my house and within hours, she had me up and running. Not only that, I had learned what I needed to know to keep moving forward. All for less than $100.

Right now, someone out there needs you.

They need what you know, exactly what you bring to the table. You may not have thought of it this way, but your gifts, talents and abilities are like those flowers. And when you get to connect with those people, the effect on their life can be magical. You’ll bring a smile to their face. They’ll meet you with surprise or tears of joy. Your talent and gifts will be a welcome answer to their prayer. Unlike flowers, the knowledge you share lasts the lifetime of the recipient. And how they implement the knowledge, can transform their lives. Since I put up my website, I’ve used it to connect with dozens, maybe hundreds of people around the globe and it enabled me rob-potter-364323-unsplashto obtain a myriad of opportunities.

What does this mean for you?

You are valuable. You’re a vessel of untold wealth simply because of what you know. What you know isn’t valuable everyone but only to the one who needs it. With knowledge comes a certain level of responsibility. By sharing knowledge, we become assets, a treasured contact and resource. Chances are that you have more than one gift, more than one talent, which means your impact is multiplied. How can we connect with those people?

Last year I challenged myself to meet a new person every week. On social media platforms, I offered to meet local people for coffee to find out more about what they do and how we can help each other. This meant connecting with someone in real life, stepping out of my comfort zone. In a few cases, I reconnected to people with whom I’d lost touch.

Writing is solitary and sometimes lonely work. Even as an introvert,  I recognize the need to get out of my cocoon, my office, my autopilot zone. At least once a week, I try to work somewhere else: a library,  a coffee house, or church. I met a new connection in that way. I went a step further and met with people who don’t look like me and listened to them. I discovered that in taking the time to connect in reality with people, letting them talk about what they do and who they are, a bridge practically builds itself. I learned something at every meeting.

But, old habits are challenging to break. At the end of the year, I didn’t have coffee withdrew-coffman-158167-unsplash.jpg 52 people, but 20. However, it emboldened me to reach out to 20 or 30 more people in my network that I couldn’t meet in person. One writer needed a review. Another needed web content and still others needed various bits of writing done. I helped promote others and made introductions. I met wonderful, kind and gracious new people and we helped each other out, at the very least by expanding our networks, our reach on Facebook, and LinkedIn. It’s been a fun exercise that I’ve decided to continue.

We can’t get where we’re going without each other. Everyone is looking for something. You might be looking for information that could take your business or your life to the next level. Right now, someone out there is looking for you. For them to find you, you must be present, in the moment. Look around you. The answer you need could be as close as a cup of coffee.

Have you used social media to connect to the real world? Tell us your experience, or share your connection ideas. We’d love to hear from you.



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  1. JEOcean says:

    I believe it can help. Thank you so much for your kind words, Patrizia. I believe if we do as we are led to do, go where we are led to go, and make ourselves available, amazing things can happen. And they do all the time, in my life. I wish it for as many as can stand to do it. I know you are a special flower too!

  2. You are in my prayers and I will had the other flowers to my list in my heart first. It is a beautiful thing you are doing.

    1. I am so happy! Thank you now, u make me cry!

  3. I am also trying to start a small busniss online and my husband is setting it up. After years I find myself in 2 different projects. You are the kindness person I ever met, that is the true. I will say one thing about myself. Who I am is very open and clear.I always want to please the Lord and sincerity is number 1 in my book of life, Thank you thank God for you.

  4. You are my flower and I would love to be a part of this. I had a long response to your letter but I by accident deleted it. I AM grateful to the LORD for you. I reached out to a Christian sister for the FIRST time in a very long time and, i was not rejected as I was used to,your love for others has enlarged my heart. I am crying now because of this love you give other. Can I help somehow. I want to be part of this flowers arrangement but how? I love you in Christ and hope to continue this young relationship into a friendship someday.
    I have been used and abused on Social Media and have one friend that is mentally ill. I have loved her for 35 years and will never stop loving her. Love you too in Christ and more. Please let me know if I can be of any use.

  5. Dear Juli, I feel as you are my flower in this empty world and hope to, someday add a little something to help others as you are helping me My heart screams with the desire to love better anyone I come across but, I am home a lot.I try to bring something, anything in my blog to give others hope. God,sent me you but, I would have NEVER been able to receive help unless I reached out first.I love you in Christ and I can’t even explain the hope and JOY you have given me with your kind, encouraging words and Action. You gave my dream a way to try to be filled and I will be forever grateful. You will always be in my prayers no matter what. The love I received and not even knowing you is so very encouraging after being used and abused by people I tried to help. I find fresh hope again. If you think I can be part of these flowers someday please let me know. I can offer just love but I am ready for suggestions. I want to be part of this flower arrangement . I have not much to offer but a life of experience and what God did for me, can this help?

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