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How A Pen Can Help You Reach Your Ultimate Goal


This morning I was thinking about you. In my mind you were happy, healthy, healed in body and mind. You were doing what you loved, well off, and surrounded by people who love and respect you. Everything you touched worked out for you and you were riding an enormous wave of success.

You were also very generous and gave your money and time to the charitable causes near and dear to your heart. Your circle of friends has enlarged, the people you interact with are some of the most amazing people you’ve ever met, and they felt the same about you.

You bounce out of bed, excited to greet the day and you have a song in your heart that revs you up, powering through your morning. You’re even trying new things: food, exercises, activities, new destinations. You feel better than you have in years. So what would it take for that to be true?

So what does that look like for you?

What does such a life filled with happiness and boundless energy look like on the day to day? Describe your perfect day. I encourage you to take your thoughts from the intangible place of your mind and start the very first step to making them a reality.
depth-of-field-desk-hands-210661.jpgWrite them down.

You harness a different kind of power when you translate a mental image into written words. People used to tease me all the time about my lists. If I want to get something done, I write it down on a slip of paper, my whiteboard, lipstick on the mirror (your own lipstick and mirror!) As a result, I get a lot done. I leave little notes to myself to remind me to spend a little time meditating on the outcome of these words.

Have you ever tasted a lemon? Did your mouth start watering just then? So you are able to imagine something and see an immediate reaction in your body. Now, can you imagine yourself on a cruise ship sipping your favorite relaxation beverage? Can you feel the sun warming your skin as you sit in a deck chair while floating over the Caribbean? Can you smell the suntan lotion? Take your time and linger in this space.
What else do you see?
Make each of the items on your list as real in your mind as you can.

Take it a step further

Joanna, an acquaintance of mine, made a list of short and long-term goals. Realizing that we are all adept at putting things off until tomorrow, she decided rather than leave the manifestation of that goal to chance, she penned a date next to it. Some were dated for the next day, some a few days out, and others weeks or months out. But she gets results.

I’ve followed her lead and make daily lists, usually the night before. This gives my mindcalendar-handwriting-notebook-636246.jpg all night to consider how those tasks will be tackled and in what order (hardest first!) Whatever doesn’t get accomplished on a given day is added to the next day. I usually complete a list every day and a carryover is usually the first thing to do the next day. I keep my lists so that when I have days that it looks like I’m not getting much done, I can see how much I have accomplished over weeks or months. It helps me stay focused.

What is at the top of your list?

The mind is a complicated bit of machinery capable of so much more than we know. While it isn’t a magic bullet for the instant realization of our dreams, it puts us in a mindset of accomplishing our goals. What one thing do you want to see become reality?

You can track this experiment with me. I’ve been saying for years how much I miss the beach. This year, with spring dragging its feet, that ache grew to epic proportions. Right now, one of my goals is to visit an ocean beach this year. My date for accomplishment is September 1st of this year. I can hear the waves and the seagulls, I can smell the salty, fishy air, feel the wind and the mist on my skin. I feel the sticky warm sand under the soles of my feet. I picture me there, smiling, warm and happy.

What will begin to happen now is that my attention will be drawn to flight prices and various beach destinies. I’ll set aside money for meals and souvenirs and maybe even get my passport updated (leaving which beach wide open.) Now, I’ve set into motion a chain of events that will lead me to my goal. In about 4 months. And that’s just one of many goals.

What does this mean for you?

kees-streefkerk-352781-unsplash.jpgWhat is it that you’re really hoping to accomplish? It can be one or many. Take a few minutes and let your imagination run wild and write them down. Dreaming is FREE! What if you began speaking those things as if they were already true? No one needs to hear them but you.

I’ve seen this work over and over. But try it for yourself! By writing down your goals and desires, speaking the good things over your list, you can turn the tide of your life. I challenge you to write down at least 5 goals with dates. Put them where you will see them and be reminded to do this exercise. Imagine them completed several times a day. Unwaveringly, speak about them aloud as though it’s a done deal, “I am walking the beach this summer!” I encourage you to keep at it and let me know what happens.

And, I promise to keep you informed about by beach goal!


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