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End Wilderness Wandering

Have you been wandering around in circles trying to figure out your next move? How great would it be for someone to lead you straight to the place you need to be?

Last week kicked off with Passover followed by Feast of Matzo. This was a daily reminder of how Moshe led the Israelites to freedom with a simple plan:
At the appointed time, ask for gold and silver from your masters and let’s hit the road.

Moshe led them through the desert and through the Sea of Reeds. But, instead of rejoicing in their new found freedom, they began missing Egypt. Unfortunately, they brought along with their slavery mindset a lot of grumbling and complaining.

Maybe they had not considered what freedom would look like. Being a captive can severely limit your thinking. On the other side of the Sea of Reeds, the Almighty provided them with Heavenly Food–Manna. All they had to do was get up six day a week and gather it, collecting twice as much on the sixth day so on the seventh they could completely rest. Breaking through the slavery mindset proved a difficult task.

They insisted on complaining and eventually they lost their access to the Promised Land. Instead, only their children crossed over into the land of promise.

What does that mean for you?

Although we may say we want out, in reality getting out can look very different than what we imagine. Once we find ourselves free, we may discover that we aren’t making as much money as we were in the corporate job.  Taking a cue from the Israelites, I’d like to suggest that rather than complain, we might be grateful for everything that is going right, every dollar that does come our way, every client that we are blessed to work with. Good things are ahead.

Small beginnings and lean provisions are not a sign that we should have remained bound to that oppressive, miserable job. If anything, you’ve crossed into the testing ground–how bad do you want your freedom? Do you want the Promised Land bad enough to go through this? Can you do it joyfully?

Freedom is not without effort. So much of success is just persevering in what works. As we see in the Israelite story, going into the land of promise requires great effort. To get there, they must cross the dessert, another river and begin facing down giants. What is your desert? What is your river? What are your giants?
The pattern is there, it has already been accomplished. That’s your road map.

  • First, obtain wealth and get your freedom.
  • Be grateful for your freedom while you work your plan.
  • Be positive. You’re going to the Promised Land!
  • The Promised Land is worth fighting for and so is your success.
  • Face your fears head on and continue rejoicing in your freedom.

Whether you’re just thinking about leaving Egypt, or getting ready to cross over into the Promised Land, you were meant for so much more. Trust the journey.

I’d love to hear what amazing changes are going on in your life. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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