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Living Sooner

Mila, a devoted wife and mother of adult children found herself late in life the caretaker of her aging and mentally deteriorating husband. Although the children visited as often as they could, naturally the bulk of the time spent caring for him fell to her. Despite her being pleasant and accommodating, he was often demanding and unkind.

When visitors stopped by, he dominated the conversation and never let his wife express herself or disagree with him, and she hardly spoke. Everyone thought of Mila as the supportive but very quiet wife. She lived in his shadow for decades. Though no one would ask her, they all wondered what would become of her once he passed away.

When Mila’s husband died, she was initially very sad for the loss of her lifetime companion. But, now that she was no longer contained within her husband’s expectations, she began to blossom.

She took up poetry, and creative writing classes. She studied the Torah and Hebrew. She developed new friends and enjoyed lunches out and evening events at the local senior center. She composed a long list of things that she had always wanted to do.

A few years later, but before she completed her list, she found herself at the end of her life.
“Do you have any regrets?” one of Mila’s children asked.
“I got to do a lot that I wanted, but I wish I had started living sooner.”

What does this mean for you?

On Mila’s bucket list was that she’d always wanted to write a book. Because she had been quiet most of her life, she had a lot to say. With the small investment of a page a day. It became 365 pages by the end of one year. The process goes even faster with a capable ghostwriter.

Your story is as unique as you are. Your voice deserves to be heard and is worthy of top shelf treatment. You don’t have to be a professional writer to write a book.

That’s where I come in.

If you’ve got a great idea, together we can write your manuscript. Even if you haven’t written a single word. Want to know more? Grab your free 30-minute consultation here.


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  1. Lovely post. A timely reminder that a lifetime is full of significance, and is precious in the telling. Blessings and best wishes.

    • Hey, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate hearing from you.

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