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Little Steps Big Results

Years ago, amid reading a ton of books, I came across one of the most prolific new authors I ever had the pleasure to read. A Google search revealed she’d written a dozen books. She had a sharp website, a social media platform that reached around the world, and everywhere I looked, there she was. Business books, fiction books, blog posts, podcasts, articles and book signings. Her overwhelming online presence made me realize that my marketing plans were very far behind. Is that what it takes to be successful? Who has time to do all that and write? Where do I start?

I soon realized I was asking the wrong questions.

The real question to ask was, “How?”

How far can I go today? How much can I do if I just keep going?

My presence didn’t have to look like hers. Regardless of when I started, I needed to commit to working on it until it was done, even if it was a few minutes a day. It wouldn’t be easy, but the longer I put it off the longer it would take.

Looking at hers as a model, I chose social media platforms that worked for me, and took me in directions I wanted to go. What did I like? What didn’t I like? How much could I reasonably sustain and still pursue writing and have a normal life?

I realized that such things do not occur overnight, and quite honestly, sometimes not in a year, but it starts with being deliberate. When I got intentional about my plan, over ten years ago, it wasn’t very long until other people noticed my presence and made positive comments.

Experience has taught us that great things can be accomplished if we break goals into smaller manageable tasks. Something like “build your website” sounds simple on paper. It could take months, but if it’s important to you, you’ll create it or hire someone to do it for you.

What does this mean for you?

When I think back over the weeks and months, it isn’t always easy to say where my time went or see the progress I made. A giant spiral-bound notebook helps me keep track of major jobs and also their smaller, necessary steps. This gives me a dated progress log showing achievements and the time they took. It’s especially helpful when juggling multiple projects, like reading or writing manuscripts, musical line editing, crafting book proposals, or Best Seller Strategy Plans.

Due to ongoing changes in the publishing industry, traditionally published and independently published authors must participate in marketing their books. Just like building a presence, a Best Seller Strategy Plan is instrumental in promoting a manuscript.

My Best Seller Strategy Plan contains proprietary information that gives new authors an edge in the market, increases exposure, and bolsters your growing platform. Great book sales make you a likely candidate for the all-important second book contract.

If you’ve published independently, or have just begun planning your book promotion,  consider the benefits of a Best Seller Strategy Plan. For more information, take advantage of the free 30-minute consult here.

In the meantime, remember taking small steps is still forward motion!

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