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Counting You Among My Friends

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As much as I have not enjoyed being quarantined, isolating has made me aware of the preciousness of company. I doubt that I will ever again take for granted the time and presence of another person who comes to visit, or whom I visit.

It’s also helped me recall the names of loving people whom I haven’t seen in many years. It’s shocking how much time passes between blinks.

Years ago, on a different blog and going through a very tough time, I shared (probably too much) how devastated I was. One dear lady finally told me that reading my posts basically shredded her heart, and she was in tears telling me the amount of pain she felt reading them.

A light went on. I realized that no one needed to hear about more heartbreak and sadness. There wasn’t enough encouragement in the world, there may never be enough, but I wanted to contribute to different pool.

So, when her name dropped into my heart this week, I should have called immediately. An embarrassing number of years had passed since I’d reached out. Then, I got busy and forgot. A few days later, it came to me again. I went to a social media platform she used to frequent. The last post was over three years old. A lot can change very quickly, and in the time that we had last talked, drastic changes occurred. I didn’t know where she was, or even if she was given the health climate of the world. I expected a few days to pass at best and possibly weeks. Nonetheless, I composed a message and hit send.

She stunned me by responding almost instantly with her phone number.

My timing was perfect, she said. She was going through a very tough time with a relative and it was breaking her heart. I was shocked how easy the conversation went, the years between melted away.

Clearly, YHVH had orchestrated this rendezvous. When He uses me to encourage another, I feel humbled and awed. I’ll probably never get used to the feeling when lining up with divine order.

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It’s easy to think, “I haven’t got anything to say, nothing to share, how can I possibly help?” It’s easy to discount our experiences. We often underestimate what He has placed in us, don’t we? We may never realize the gravity of encouragement such things offer to the one who needs to hear them. Even if it’s just a kind word. A caring word. Think of what they have meant to you when you are on the receiving end of what my friend Terri calls “Love bombs”. Someone sends a card, or a prayer, or an invitation, or a simple act of compassion to someone who’s traveled that road.

One of my close relatives was diagnosed with a heart concern. Her newest friend emailed asking how she was. My relative responded with a less-than-truthful “I’m fine.” But, she felt that YHVH said, “Do you think it was a coincidence that I had her reach out to you?”

My relative wrote another email to the new friend, expressing the concern she had about her heart and the procedure they wanted to perform. The new friend wrote back that she had endured the same exact condition and was told the same news and–was healed by divine intervention and shared a message of hope.

What this means for you

Reconnecting to my friend took less than fifteen minutes, and a few texts. I’ve refreshed our friendship and she feels less alone. And no matter what happens with her relative, she knows YHVH is with her.

My relative knows that YHVH has heard her prayers and now has someone who can pray with her about that issue and encourage her.

This year, I’ve been very encouraged to hear from others who have experienced loss similar to mine with their timely prayers and “love bombs.”

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It’s no mistake that you’re reading this today. I want to let you know that your experiences will not be wasted. There are people out there, some who are close to you, that would be comforted to know they can walk through their tough times because they’re not alone. If you’re getting someone’s name, it’s likely they’ve been praying for an answer and your message, or call could be the very thing they need.

So, you may be thinking, “Oh, so and so has been on my mind a lot lately.” Call, text, or email them. If you haven’t had anyone on your mind yet, consider yourself warned and armed with a positive response when it happens (in the near future). Don’t forget to share your stories with us! We enjoy hearing about encouragement in action.

Thanks again for the likes and follows that have been pouring in. If you know someone who might be encouraged by this message, hit the share button. You’re the best!

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